A suite of multichain dapps built to get DeFi to the real world. From a DeFi growth platform to a bot engine, from crypto markets to bots as a service.

NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are a boom now and it seriously has become the talk of the town which is pacing at a breathtaking rate. It has now helped digital artists be it in form of images, music, art shows their skills and monetize them long term. While we…

If you still have friends or family oblivious to decentralized finance and how it’s changing the world, this blog might help them realize before the world’s already different.

The term finance, at its core, has been evolving every single day. And because of its evolving nature, these changes unwantedly have introduced a number of problems, hidden charges, the introduction of intermediaries, increased regulatory requirements, and many more parameters. Now, the thing to note here is: do the actual…


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